About Lindsay

Hi there – I’m Lindsay Fraser

Hi! I’m Lindsay. I love sushi, my husband Nick and my cat Oliver – but mostly I love yoga. Yoga has been in my life since before I was a teenager. I loved being physical and active as a child, but didn’t like the competition associated with most organized sports. One yoga class experience and I was hooked! My practice has varied throughout my life but yoga has always been a part of my identity.

I completed my 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training in Barrie, Ontario in 2016, but I am never done learning. My journey of being a yoga student is never ending and it has shown me passions in my life I never knew I had. Through my yoga teacher training program, I learned about Restorative Yoga for the first time and my heart exploded. This was what self-care, self-love and peace was to me. I have received over 50 additional training hours for Restorative Yoga, including adaptive supportive props and the use of hot stones.

Yoga Teacher Training Memories circa 2016

I teach many kinds of yoga – hatha, vinayasa, restorative, meditation, a blend of everything and a mix of my own. But my favorite type of yoga is the kind that brings you back home. The kind that moves you physically and emotionally. A practice that makes you feel whole, but reminds you how complex and unique of a human you are. When you finish, you look forward to the next time you come to your mat.

I look forward to helping YOU find your favorite type of yoga and building your own rewarding practice!

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