Private Yoga Coaching

If you are looking for extra assistance in your yoga practice, allow Honeybee Yoga Studio to support you!

Two video views! Watch me through the laptop (head on) and phone (this view from afar)
Why consider Private Yoga Coaching?
  • New to yoga and want to create a strong foundational practice and enhanced understanding
  • Class atmospheres do not provide the level of attention and support you are seeking
  • You are working towards a specific yoga goal and are looking for guidance
  • You have limited mobility and want to learn how to modify your practice, use supports and be safe
  • You have anxiety and/or stress are looking to understand how yoga can help, and how to create a self-care yoga routine
  • …any reason you want to invest more of your energy into YOU and your yoga practice!
How Private Yoga Coaching works:
  1. You complete a Private Yoga Coaching Intake Form
  2. Lindsay sets up a free virtual consultation within 2 business days (approx. 20 minutes to discuss your goals)
  3. Lindsay creates a program just for you to suit your needs
  4. Payment is sent via Interact E-Transfer to book session and confirm time and date
  5. You will receive appointments via email using Google Meet
  6. Lindsay will provide you with written documentation detailing the contents of each session once they are complete
What Private Yoga Coaching isn’t for:
  • Medical diagnosis or treatment
  • Physical therapy

Committing to your practice takes time and energy. I recommend and will plan for your involvement to be a minimum of 4 sessions.

Consultation is FREE

Private coaching sessions are $60 and one hour in length

Pre-pay for your 4 or more sessions, receive 20% off ($48 per session)

Note: if you are unable to afford this price point, please email us and we will work our hardest to find one that does. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone!

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