Private Classes

Bring Honeybee Yoga Studio into your home by enjoying a personally curated yoga class! Enjoy a solo class, or invite up to two friends!

NOW AVAILABLE IN PERSON AT THE STUDIO! Classes involve use of all supportive props and equipment!

What a Private Class looks like:
  • You pick a yoga class type – let us know your favorite pose, an area that needs some extra attention, or if there is something specific you are hoping to experience that we can incorporate into the class.
  • Prenatal yoga is available upon request and requires a conversation prior to creating classes to ensure your needs and goals are supported.
  • Studio hours of availability are: Monday to Friday 6am to 8am; 5pm to 9pm and Saturday / Sunday 6am to 9pm
  • We meet privately on Google Meet for one hour. You can have up to two friends (three students total) per class.
  • You require a body-sized space at home to practice in, preferably one that is quiet and free of distractions.
How to Register

Fill out the Private Yoga Class Intake Form and Lindsay will email you back within 2 business days to set up your class. Once we confirm what you are looking for, payments are sent via Interact E-Transfer.


Single one-hour private class: 25$ per class

Pre-paid series of 4 to 6 classes: 20$ per class

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