Hot Stone Retreats

90 minutes | $20 | The ultimate self-care getaway! Indulge yourself and enjoy a Restorative Yoga practice with luxurious hot basalt volcanic stones to warm your body and soul. Leave with a gift of a calming scented oil.

Allow the heat from the hot stones to melt away physical tension and mental or emotional blockages. Your Restorative Yoga practice is enhanced by the strategic placement of hot stones on your hands, feet, body and Chakra centers, or wheels of energy within your body that, when in alignment and flowing, fill us with balance and our energetic life force.

Enjoy guided meditation to support a mindful practice. Let your mind travel to a space of peace and calm, leaving the stresses of daily life behind.

Please inform when booking if you have a medical condition that limits sensory receptors or nerve damage. While the stones are not heated to a burning temperature, we want to ensure everyone has a safe practice.

(Note Hot Stone Retreats are not included in regular pricing).

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