All indoor classes include use of specialized studio equipment: bolsters, sandbags, straps, blocks, blankets and eye pillows. Practice may include use of essential oils, hands on assistance and massage, guided meditation, breathing exercises, and Hot Stones.

All levels of experience welcome + encouraged!

Fireside Restorative

60 minutes | [please wear or bring socks to class] A slow, soft class to unwind your physical and mental being. Use studio-provided props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to support your body in gentle positions. As your physical body rests, allow your mind to clear and be spacious.

Restorative Yoga can improve your sleep and help reduce the overall level of stress on your body and mind. Leave class ready to slip into your pyjamas and sleep deeply.

Mindful Mediation

60 minutes | Enjoy guided meditation and breathwork to support a mindful practice. No experience necessary as we find the calmness in our minds through visualizations and techniques to find the stillness that exists under all of our thoughts.

Use a chair, sit on the floor with the support of equipment, or lay on your spine. Gentle movement will be taken during class to help ease our body.

Hippie Love ☮

60 minutes | Moderate movement focusing on hips, pelvis and low spine. Begin with soft movements to warm the body, and enjoy lots of love to open and dynamically release tension and tightness in the lower body.

Great for anyone who has hips! Sitting or standing too long, exercise, and repetitive movement your hips can cause strain and stress. Look forward to less discomfort and more range of motion with your regular [self-care] practice.

Sunrise Flow

60 minutes | Easy to moderate flow to start your day. Starting with a slower pace, building warmth and tempo, creating space through your entire body as we move through low, standing and balancing postures.

Feel your body start to open and invite the day as you move and stretch. End your practice with a burst of energy and confidence!

Flowy Hatha

60 minutes | Moderate flow aimed at moving our bodies and finding our personal edges towards challenging our strength and balance. Explore postures that open your body and put a little fire into your heart.

As with all classes at HYS, you are encouraged to do what feels best for you and use supports to ensure your practice is safe and supportive of your body’s needs.

Private + Semi-Private Experiences

Looking for a private or semi-private experience? A gift for a friend or employee? Would you like Honeybee Yoga Studio to come to an event you are hosting?

Working one to one with Lindsay ensures a private and uniquely created experience, just for you.

Lindsay and Honeybee Yoga Studio offer many options to support your practice and experience. This includes but is not limited to the classes listed above including Hot Stone Retreats and meditation. Please message us directly to discuss your needs!

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